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[#017] WWNDD (Sense8)

Theme Prompt: #017 - Avarice
Title: WWNDD
Fandom: Sense8
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Bonus: Yes.
Word Count: 886
Summary: Amanita springs on opportunities without a second thought, exposing herself to the world with a kind of joy that Nomi has never seen before, and it’s one of the things that draws Nomi to her like a moth to a flame.

Nomi Marks has always credited herself for her patience. She plans for opportunities rather than waiting for them to be sprung upon her. It’s how she managed to get herself out from under her parents thumb all those years ago, how she was able to wait so patiently to finally be herself, be the person she really thought she was, and how she was able to stage her own personal rebellion and come away a winner. This isn’t to say that there aren’t scars and the battle was without casualties, but in the end, she won the war.

Amanita, on the other hand, springs on opportunities without a second thought, exposing herself to the world with a kind of joy that Nomi has never seen before, and it’s one of the things that draws Nomi to her like a moth to a flame. So far, even though they’re only a few dates in, she can’t say it’s something she minds. She’s always longed to be loved the way Amanita loves everything around her, devouring it with such greed and gluttony that in many ways Nomi can see why they’re sins, but in the end, she can’t resist the urge of being wanted. Being wanted gives her something she can devour and swallow whole, always demanding more and knowing that she’ll receive it, but at the same time, fearing the day when she won’t.

(Because avarice is still a sin, after all. And sins have their downfalls. Even if Nomi doesn’t believe anymore, she learned her life lessons at the church of Angela Marks and greed and pride always come before a fall.)

Still, when she finds herself in Amanita’s orbit, everything is color and song, an endless explosion of celebration that has more joy in it than any church service she’s ever been to, and she wants to simply drown in it, over and over again, no matter the consequences. It’s that kind of drowning she’s preparing herself for when she pulls up to Amanita’s place for their date that night, and tries to fake being surprised when she announces, in her usual way, that she has different plans for the evening.

“You know, one of these days, you’re going to have to actually let me follow through with my plans,” Nomi sighs as she makes her way carefully over one of the dunes on the beach, balancing precariously in heels that were not made for traipsing across a beach. “Or at least let me know so that I can wear the appropriate footwear.”

“See, that’s the thing we’re going to have to work on.” The other woman tosses her brightly colored hair as she glances back over her shoulder, flashing Nomi a grin that makes her insides melt without even really trying to. “Your sense of adventure.”

“Why does my sense of adventure need work, exactly?” Nomi raises an eyebrow and Amanita’s smile only widens, folding up the paper in her hands as she jogs back across the beach to her.

“Because we have found and honest to goodness treasure map, and your levels of excitement could definitely use some work.”

The treasure map she’s referring to is an old battered piece of paper she found between the cover of an old donation. Nomi knows without having to ask that Amanita spent far too much time when she wasn’t stocking books googling and sifting through pages to find the hidden meaning, and while they’ve managed to narrow down the list of places it could be, Nomi was not dressed for a beach adventure.

“I am excited,” she sighs. “I just would have worn flats.”

Amanita laughs, before shaking her head. “There’s a phrase you’re going to have to learn to appreciate if you’re going to keep being my girlfriend.”

The word catches her by surprise so strongly that it almost bowls her over from it’s presence alone, the word that screams acceptance and love and something that she never thought would apply to her knocks her off balance for just a moment, and she can’t help the way the smile flares brightly across her face at the same time. “What’s that?”

(She doesn’t question it. Questioning it might make it go away, and Amanita is never one to play with subtext. She says what she means, even if it can mean so much more than she realizes.)

“W-W-N-double D.” Nomi must look confused underneath it all, because Amanita is quick to clarify. “What would Nancy Drew do?”

Nomi laughs, before nodding. “I’m guessing she’s going to kick off her heels and follow that map?”

“You bet your ass she is.” There is even an affectionate swat on said ass in return as Amanita kicks off her shoes and takes off down the beach again, and Nomi hesitates only to watch her. She envies her for having grown up with that much freedom in who she is, but if there’s anyone who can teach Nomi to find it in herself, it has to be this beautiful girl.

And to be honest, she already loves her a little bit for it.

A few seconds later, she’s kicking off her heels, reaching for the flashlight she stuck in her back pocket, and following her girlfriend’s lead. “Wait for me!”

(Girlfriend. She hopes that word never gets old.)

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This is lovely!
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Yay! Amanita is by far my favourite thing about this show - and you capture the dynamic between them perfectly. This is a lovely view of them having fun before all the chaos.
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This was a fun read!
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I really enjoyed this. A lovely look at them both.