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[#042] Ode to White Noise (Original)

Theme Prompt: #42: White noise
Title: Ode to White Noise
Fandom: Original poetry
Rating/Warnings: Rated G; poem
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 96
Summary: A Pushkin sonnet on the pleasures of white noise.

Folks exist who find it taxing
To deal with soft, unceasing sound.
I myself, though, find it quite relaxing,
And with it my full sense surround.
For who could spurn the music of the ocean,
The churning waves, and their soft motion?
Or hear a fan’s rich, mechanic hum,
And wish that no one turned it on?
Yes, who, exactly, I am asking
Would whine about such bliss all day?
For these bright noises are the way
My share of troubles I keep masking.
And thus do I extoll the joys
Of constant, pleasant, quiet noise.

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