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Fandom Weekly Short Fic Challenge

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Theme Prompt: #006: Vainglory
Title: 'Superbia et Humilitas'
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating/Warnings: G; No warnings
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 415

Summary: Let this be a lesson to me, ey? The ultimate lesson in humility.

Superbia et Humilitas )
aguilt: (malva)
[personal profile] aguilt
Theme Prompt: #006 - Vainglory
Title: but transitory
Fandom: Pokemon XY
Rating/Warnings: AU in which Lysandre's plan worked, vague references to suicide and genocide
Bonus: No
Word Count: 991
Summary: The plan worked, and Malva is happy.

but transitory )
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Congratulations to the winners! Enjoy your banners. ^_^

This way to the winners! )
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Here are this week's votes tallied, and below the cut are our winners for Challenge #006 - Vainglory.

This week's winners are... )
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Oh wow, this is a tiny round! Everyone's on vacation or something ;)

List of entries )

In order to vote, please reply to this post using the form provided. All comments are screened, and entries are listed in the order they were submitted. For your vote to qualify, you must fill out your entire voting card (all three spots) in order to be counted. First place votes are worth 3 points, second place votes are worth two points, and third place votes are worth one point. Meeting the bonus goal on an entry gets an extra point for that submission.

When voting, please copy/paste the ENTRY NUMBER and the FIC TITLE from the list above into the spot you're voting for (this prevents accidentally mis-numbering a vote and casting it for the wrong entry). It should look like this:

First Place: 61. Fic Title Here
Second Place: 88. Another Fic Title
Third Place: 47. Finally a third fic title goes here

Please note that you cannot vote for your own entry, and that votes cannot be made anonymously. You do not have to be a member of the community in order to vote, nor have submitted an entry for this week; everyone is welcome to participate in the voting. IP addresses are logged to prevent duplicate voting.

Voting closes Sunday, March 13th, at 9:00PM EST.
hokuton_punch: Picture of someone in space marine armor, seated, reaching into an ammo box. (marathon marine at bloody rest)
[personal profile] hokuton_punch
Theme Prompt: Vainglory
Title: Unjust Rewards
Fandom: Marathon
Rating/Warnings: Gen; mentions of violence.
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: ~230
Summary: An after-battle moment does not go according to plan.

Unjust Rewards )
sarajayechan: &hearts; <lj user="livebites"> (Niles)
[personal profile] sarajayechan
Theme Prompt: Vainglory
Title: Hold The Bragging Rights
Fandom: Fire Emblem Fates
Rating/Warnings: A bit of swearing
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 449
Summary: Watching Arthur fail constantly was both amusing and tiring.

Maybe I'd better take those bags before you drop them. )
alobear: (Default)
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Theme Prompt: Vainglory
Title: Bridges Burned
Fandom: Lucifer
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 537
Summary: Takes place after this week’s episode - Lucifer has burned his bridges, literally.

Bridges Burned )

iluvroadrunner6: ([mcu] thor)
[personal profile] iluvroadrunner6
Theme Prompt: #006 - Vainglory
Title: we’ll dance and sing and fight until the early morning light
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Bonus: Yes.
Word Count: 926
Summary: There is a reason that the Avengers are not allowed to go drinking in public. That reason is mostly Thor.
Notes: Shove this somewhere between Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron. Roughly.

we’ll dance and sing and fight until the early morning light )
estirose: Screenshot of Final Fantasy II of Maria, Firion, and Guy on docks (Maria too convenient - Final Fantasy II)
[personal profile] estirose
Theme Prompt: Vainglory
Title: (Don't) Turn Your Eyes Away
Fandom: Kamen Rider Ghost
Rating/Warnings: PG/Spoilers for Kamen Rider Ghost 19-21, next generation/futurefic
Bonus: Nope
Word Count: 617
Summary: Chiyo has her reasons for not wanting her father to know. (This is actually set in the same universe as "Hostaging", but can be read alone.)

Even if I change )
novel_machinist: (Default)
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Theme Prompt: VAINGLORY
Title: It's Always Sunny in Pacific Rim: Sweet Dee's Rock Career Part 1
Fandom: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia / Pacific Rim
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for ridiculousness, language, and general buffoonery
Bonus: Unless Mac's girlish enthusiasm counts, no.
Word Count: 903
Summary: So my friends, since I'm having some issues writing up vignettes for this, you guys are going to get the one thing that I've been really wanting to work on. It's a crossover between It's Always Sunny and Pacific Rim. What you need to know is that Newt (otherwise known as "Hot Charlie") and Charlie are cousins. You can read the first chapter that I've done here. All that you're going to see is brand new! I'm not sorry.

11:45am )
darjeeling: ([ MOD ] Fandom Weekly)
[personal profile] darjeeling
Challenge 006:
(noun) 1. excessive elation or pride over one's own achievements, abilities, etc.; boastful vanity. 2. empty pomp or show.

We've all run into these people in our lives: the ones who brag and boast, who play up their accomplishments (real or exaggerated) for the attention it brings. Sometimes they're looking for a reward or acknowledgement, sometimes for the acceptance of people around them-- some just do it to annoy others! There are even some who are blind to their own ego. Write a story about someone's sense of vainglory, and/or the people around them having to deal with it.

BONUS GOAL: Sound The Alarm

If your submission contains the sound of sirens, klaxons, or any similar types of alarms, that entry will earn an extra point to be tallied during voting!

Challenge ends Friday, March 11th at 9:00PM EST
• Post your submission as a new entry using the template in the profile
• Tag this week's entries as: [#] submission, 006 - vainglory
• If you have questions about this challenge, please ask them here

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