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Fandom Weekly Short Fic Challenge

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Congrats to our winners! Apologies for the delay.

Banners under the cut )
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Here are this week's votes tallied, and below the cut are our winners for Challenge #38 - Bloodline.

This week's winners are... )
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Amazing turnout this week, we've lined up 12 entries this week!

List of entries )

In order to vote, please reply to this post using the form provided. All comments are screened, and entries are listed in the order they were submitted. For your vote to qualify, you must fill out your entire voting card (all three spots) in order to be counted. First place votes are worth 3 points, second place votes are worth two points, and third place votes are worth one point. Meeting the bonus goal on an entry gets an extra point for that submission.

When voting, please copy/paste the ENTRY NUMBER and the FIC TITLE from the list above into the spot you're voting for (this prevents accidentally mis-numbering a vote and casting it for the wrong entry). It should look like this:

First Place: 61. Fic Title Here
Second Place: 88. Another Fic Title
Third Place: 47. Finally a third fic title goes here

Please note that you cannot vote for your own entry, and that votes cannot be made anonymously. You do not have to be a member of the community in order to vote, nor have submitted an entry for this week; everyone is welcome to participate in the voting. IP addresses are logged to prevent duplicate voting.

Voting closes Wednesday, April 12th, at 9:00PM EST.
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Theme Prompt: #038: Bloodline
Title: Walled and Protected
Fandom: Final Fantasy XV
Rating/Warnings: PG, no warnings
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 996
Summary: The King of Lucis will be expected to produce heirs; Prompto knows this. Noctis definitely knows this.

Walled and Protected )
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Theme Prompt: 038. Bloodline
Title: Memories Altered
Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow
Rating/Warnings: Past torture/brainwashing
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 866
Summary: Naming his rat causes painful memories for Mick.

Memories Altered: )
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Theme Prompt: #038 - Bloodline
Title: The Blood We've Spilled
Fandom: The Silmarillion
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 / Mature Content (canon mass killings discussed)
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 383
Summary: Maglor wants to adopt Elrond and Elros. Maedhros thinks that they've killed too many of the twins' relatives to do so.

the blood we've spilled is from the line of kings )
iluvroadrunner6: ([tvdverse] rebekah)
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Theme Prompt: #038 - Bloodline
Title: Thicker Than Water
Fandom: The Originals
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 / Spoilers for end of S3/early S4
Bonus: Yes.
Word Count: 441
Summary: Vampires are reborn into bloodlines, have been since the beginning. And they all lead back to the Mikaelsons.

thicker than water )
estirose: An alarmed cat-shaped machine looking alarmed at something. (Alarmed Cat-shaped Dispenser of Death)
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Theme Prompt: 38 - Bloodline
Title: Not The Dragon Knight
Fandom: Rune Factory 4
Rating/Warnings: G / Small spoilers for act 1
Bonus: no
Word Count: 279
Summary: Kiel is not strong enough to be the Dragon Knight of his generation.

Kiel and Forte are siblings. )
estirose: A girl sits with bowed head. Her skin shows unusual patterns. (Miku FFIII)
[personal profile] estirose
Theme Prompt: 38 - Bloodline
Title: Seeking Siblings
Fandom: Fatal Frame III: The Tormented
Rating/Warnings: PG/Spoils the endings of Fatal Frame I, II, and to some extent, III. AU to Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water.
Bonus: No
Word Count: 469
Summary: Miku runs into a member of the family, but it's an ancestor instead of the sibling she was expecting.
Note: I've translated a Japanese honorific (-san) into an English Ms. as Miku doesn't know Sae that well and wouldn't call her by her first name.

Sae is Miku's Great-great Aunt )
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Theme Prompt: 038. Bloodline
Title: Sweet Sister of Mine.
Fandom: Star Wars: Rogue One
Rating/Warnings: None
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 705
Summary: Bodhi let's it sink in he finally has a sister. Takes place in The Legendary Heroine Verse

we are friends and friends are family )
cyberiad_queen: (Triforce)
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Theme Prompt: #038: Bloodline
Title: 'Hylia's Decision'
Fandom: The Legend of Zelda
Rating/Warnings: G; No warnings (aside from potential spoilers for multiple games in the series, along with the pre-Skyward Sword manga by Akira Himekawa)
Bonus: Yes (in a broad sense)
Word Count: 359

Summary: To sacrifice her divine nature and adopt the form of a mortal...it is not a task to be taken lightly.

Hylia's Decision )
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Theme Prompt: #038 - Bloodline
Title: Preserving the bloodline
Fandom: Game of Thrones
Rating/Warnings: PG
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 1,000 words
Summary: The newest resident of Winterfell is anything but welcome.

Preserving the bloodline )
toffeecat: Varric Tethras in a flower crown (Ao3profilecrosspost001)
[personal profile] toffeecat
Theme Prompt: #038 - Bloodline
Title: Theirin Blood
Fandom: Dragon Age
Rating/Warnings: G / none
Bonus: No
Word Count: 976
Summary: He was supposed to become king?

Theirin Blood )
toffeecat: Aloy's face (horizon001)
[personal profile] toffeecat
Theme Prompt: #038 - Bloodline
Title: Motherless
Fandom: Horizon: Zero Dawn
Rating/Warnings: G / none
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 856
Summary: It had been some time since he had been in Mother's Heart.

Motherless )
badly_knitted: (Atlantis Stone)
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Theme Prompt: #038 - Bloodline
Title: Brothers
Fandom: Haven
Rating/Warnings: G / None
Bonus: Yes.
Word Count: 665
Summary: Vince learns Dave’s deepest and darkest secret.

Brothers... )
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Challenge 038:
(noun) 1. an animal's set of ancestors or pedigree, typically considered with regard to the desirable characteristics bred into it / 2. a set of ancestors or line of descent of a person

Bloodlines have always played an important part in history... although whether it was to a positive outcome or not, that's a different question! Many types of governance has been determined simply by being born into the right family lineage. Bloodlines, especially birth order, is frequently a determining factor in cases of inheritance. On the flip side of things, specific bloodline breeding has been used to strip out 'inferior' or unwanted traits.

Are there scenarios where bloodlines should be a primary concern? Can someone not of the actual lineage ever truly attain the same positions? Write a story where a bloodline (lineage or pedigree, your choice) plays an important role.

BONUS GOAL: Adoption

If your submission contains one or more characters being adopted (or adopting), that entry will earn an extra point to be tallied during voting!

Challenge ends Monday, April 10th at 9:00PM EST
• Post your submission as a new entry using the template in the profile
• Tag this week's entries as: [#] submission, 038 - bloodline
• If you have questions about this challenge, please ask them here

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