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[#041] A Kiss with a Fist is Better than None (DCTV)

Theme Prompt: #041 – Down for the Count
Title: A Kiss with a Fist is Better Than None
Fandom: DCTV
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Bonus: Yes.
Word Count: 628
Summary: It doesn’t matter that people have taken him down before, and that usually comes with planning and time – and cold guns. Oliver just wants Thea to punch him.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

It’s not that Barry doubts Thea’s ability to be a tiny, violent rage machine. He’s seen her in action, he knows how this works. But Barry is also Barry and he can’t help the slightly cocky edge that comes with the fact that he’s faster than most humans. It doesn’t matter that people have taken him down before, and that usually comes with planning and time – and cold guns.

Oliver just wants Thea to punch him.

“We need to be better at going up against metas.” Oliver is standing on the outside of the ring, arms crossed in front of his chest. “While it’s true, that not all of them are going to have super speed, it at least gives us a frame of reference.”

“That’s not the part I was questioning. Are you really asking me to trying and hit your sister?”

He’s pretty sure that under any other circumstance, Oliver would have killed him by now for even suggesting it. But before Oliver could even respond, Barry’s caught with a hard right hook to the face, followed by a left, and then one straight to the gut. Barry doubles over with a wince.

“‘Try’ was the operative word in that sentence,” Thea smirks, rolling her shoulders a bit, before shaking out one hand. “You have a hard head, Allen.”

Oliver smirks. “I think she’ll be fine.”

Barry takes a deep breath, before nodding and turning to face Thea again, bringing up his fists with a sigh. “Alright. Let’s do this.”

* * * * *

Barry puts up a very valiant effort. He’s not a fighter, and that much is clear from the first time he swings at her, but he’s fast and clever and manages to hold her off fairly well, even if he knows he isn’t winning. However, as they come towards the end of the sparring match, he can feel his energy waning and he knows he needs to take a break or else he’ll risk passing out, and that’s just embarrassing.

He throws a few more lazy punches that Thea can dodge easily, before he slows and starts to turn to Oliver. “Hey, maybe we should …”

He doesn’t get a chance to finish the sentence. The first punch catches him hard in the face, stunning him entirely, and the next two finish the job rather neatly. Barry goes down hard, and when Thea sees him hit the mat, she cringes slightly.

“Sorry, Barry!”

Oliver pushes up, scrambling onto the mat and going to lean over him to make sure he’s okay. “He’s out cold.”

“Whoops.” Oliver tosses her a look, and Thea shrugs. “What? You said not to hold back.”

There’s another deep, put upon sigh from Oliver, before he reaches down to sling one of Barry’s arms over his shoulders. “C’mon. Help me get him to Caitlin.”

Thea does as she’s told, and as Barry’s moved, he starts to come around some, looking at both of them hazily. “Hey. Did I win?”

Oliver and Thea look at each other for a moment, before looking back at him. “What do you think?” Thea asks, and Barry groans a bit.

“I would have said it could go either way, but from the way my head is pounding, I’m going to go with no.”

“And you would be right,” Thea nods. “But you gave a very valiant effort, and that’s what matters.”

Barry then turns to Oliver, with an easy, dazed grin. “Do I get an A for effort?”

Oliver rolls his eyes. “You get a trip to see Caitlin and an ice pack.”

Barry’s face immediately falls, and he lets himself be hauled off easily between the Queens. “That sounds like slightly less fun.”

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