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[#044] I Think I'm Losing My Mind Now (MCU)

Theme Prompt: #044 – Personal Bubble
Title: I Think I’m Losing my Mind Now
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating/Warnings: PG / Spoilers through Civil War.
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 765
Summary: The aftermath of the battle in Germany and the consequences hits some of them harder than others.

Steve frees them from the Raft and Clint claims ownership of Wanda before Cap can even get a word out. Whether or not Steve’s intentions are honorable isn’t really the question. It’s more the fact that he is the one who got them into this situation, and in order to fix the mess, he has to take a step back. Its probably for the best – Wakanda is the safest place for Steve at the moment, and as far as Clint is concerned, he can stay there.

Her return to the farm involves a lot of silence on the girl’s part, and quiet requests for personal space. She never denies the children, greeting her with the kind of hugs that only children can offer, but when Laura tries to do the same, Wanda recoils, retreating into her personal bubble. Laura does her best not to flinch in response, but she understands that what they’ve been through – what both she and Clint have been through – is not going to be something that’s fixed in a day.

So Laura does what she does best. She focuses on her husband, and lets the kids work on Wanda. She places plates of food nearby, knowing eventually they’ll be eaten. And waits patiently through the silence, hoping that eventually Wanda will be ready to talk.

* * * * *

It’s three days before Wanda speaks, and when she does, it’s not to either of the adults, and it’s not in English. It’s in Sokovian to Pietro who is barely old enough to understand the letter of what she’s saying, but can pick up on the emotional resonance behind it. Clint finds her in the nursery, the small child balanced on her lap as she speaks, and the little bits of Sokovian he knows leads him to believe it’s some kind of fairy tale or bedtime story.

Wanda is about halfway through the story when she notices he’s there, but she doesn’t retreat or stop the story. She follows it through to the end, when Pietro is fast asleep in her arms, and she makes her way over to place him back in his crib.

“Did the story have a happy ending?”

“In a way.” Her voice almost sounds foreign, after all this time, but Clint doesn’t flinch or try to sound surprised. “Sokovian fairy takes always have a lesson before the happy ending.”

“I take it these lessons aren’t easy ones.”

“Not really.” Her eyes remain on the small boy in the crib, and she brushes her hand against the top of his head. “Some I am still struggling to learn.”

Clint watches her for a moment, staying quiet before nodding. “Well, if you ever need help talking through it, you know where to find me.”

She glances back for a moment, meeting his eyes for a moment, before nodding. “I will.”

* * * * *

It takes a few more days before Laura and Clint come downstairs to find breakfast on the table, and the kids in front of the TV. It’s not their usual breakfast – all traditional Sokovian meals, and even if Clint doesn’t know what they are, they all smell delicious. They both stare at the spread for a moment, before Wanda turns around and offers them a small smile.

“Good morning.”

“Morning,” Laura nods. “This looks … amazing.”

That makes the younger girl smile and she takes another step forward. “I thought I would start, as you say, pulling my weight, if that is alright.”

Clint is about to interrupt and insist that she’s a guest, and therefore there is no weight to pull, but Laura cuts him off, placing a hand against his chest before he can protest.

“Only if you let me do the dishes.” Laura smiles softly. “And teach me the recipes.”

There’s another bright, fleeting smile as she nods, “Deal.” As she exits to round up the children for breakfast, Clint frowns and turns back to his wife.

“She doesn’t have to—”

“It’s not like we’re making her be a slave, Clint,” she replies. “She’s looking for a place.” In the family, in the household – there are a number of ways that can be interpreted, but Clint tips his head back and nods for a moment, surprised that he hadn’t seen it sooner. “I think letting her cook breakfast is an easy place to give her.”

He nods for a moment, before flashing her a warm smile. “I always knew I married up in the brains department.”

Laura laughs, before nudging him towards the table. “Don’t you ever forget it.”

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