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[#042] False Truths, True Lies (InCryptid)

Theme Prompt: #042 – White Noise
Title: False Truths, True Lies
Fandom: The InCryptid Series
Rating/Warnings: PG
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 702
Summary: She misses the city.

She misses the city.

It comes in small, brief moments of relative lucidity, when the quiet of the Baker House becomes all too clear to her. She knows that her family has been blocking her telepathy in order to help her heal, so that she doesn’t lash out and hurt anyone, but at the same time, she misses the white noise of New York, the millions of voices trying to flood her brain only to cancel out each other in the quiet hum of white noise that goes a long way to making her feel less alone.

But those moments are few and far between, and gone all too soon. The moment she may have the fleeting thought, the next it’s back to math phrases that make no sense and theorems that have no effect on the real world. It’s all too easy to forget that Sarah Zellaby used to be a real girl, not just a broken cuckoo, but for right now, the latter is making much more of an appearance. Her head is too quiet, giving her thoughts room to swirl and twist in a way she can’t fully articulate, almost to the point where she doesn’t notice when Alex comes in to take a seat next to her.

“Hi, Sarah.”

She turns to face him, eyes wide and mostly vacant of the cousin he used to know, but at least she knows him enough to respond to him. That should be considered something, right? Alex doesn’t flinch, having lived with it for a while at this point, and extends his hand to her cautiously.

“Thought you might want to talk.”

There’s a risk, a high risk, that if he lets her in, she could scramble his brain, do more damage than she realizes – not intentionally, never intentionally – but she could do it all the same. Still, Alex offers her his hand, and she takes it, if for no other reason than the normalcy it provides. It starts slowly, but eventually thoughts begin to order themselves again, his scientist brain overriding her jumbled one, sorting thoughts back into their proper places and making things rational, neat and orderly. There’s a small exhale of relief as the undercurrent of Alex’s thoughts start to slide into place, a little bit nerves and a little bit trying to talk himself out of those nerves, stating easily:

You’re going to have to trust her sometime.

“I’m not really sure now is the time,” she states out loud, not wanting to risk the chance that she might think too hard to try and speak with him telepathically, even if it was her more natural voice. “Most people would probably prefer I get a little bit better first.”

“Maybe this will help you get better,” he shifts as he turns to glance at her more, a small smile crossing his face in victory. One hand comes up to adjust his glasses as he speaks, reminding her of the Blue Ranger from that superhero show that Verity loved when she was in her superhero phase as a child. “I have a hypothesis, actually.”

“A hypothesis, about me?”

“Yes,” he nods. “When you overtaxed yourself, your brain sort of … lost the ability to manage the traffic of your thoughts on it’s own, and that was only exasperated by your telepathic abilities and the invading thoughts of other people. My supposition is that if you are given small, temporary doses of a more rational thinker, your brain may be able to relearn how to order itself and you’ll be able to come more and more back to yourself.”

Sarah considers for a moment, before smirking slightly. “So you want to train my brain.”

“Yes. That makes it sound entirely too simplistic, but yes.”

The smirk turns to a soft smile, before she inches closer, letting her head rest against his shoulder, careful to only touch his shirt, and closes her eyes. “That would be nice, if you could.” There’s a small pause and she admits something she’d only be able to admit in this moment. “I miss the noise.”

Alex nods as he shifts to accommodate her. “Well, let’s see if we can help you get it back.”

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Awwwww! No knowledge of the fandom, but it doesn't matter, there's such vulnerability and cautious hope here =)
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I don't know this fandom, but I really like this look at her powers. The part about all the minds going into a soothing white noise was an awesome use to the prompt and worked so well.