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Theme Prompt: #043 - Go for broke
Title: The whole truth
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating/Warnings: PG
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 1,000 words
Summary: Ianto isn't getting off the hook without a confession of some sort.

'You've been seen.'

Rhiannon swings her mug of tea around like a weapon. I know she's about to ask me something I'm not going to like. She always does this. It's as if she thinks I won't see it coming if it's hidden behind her mug. Might as well try hiding a nuclear missile behind that thing. Yes, hello, is that Russia? Yes, it Rhiannon Davies. No, I don't want anything, just though you might like to pop round for a cuppa.

'So anyway, Susan on the corner was in town and it was her anniversary, so they went to that posh French place in town by the memorial, and there was you.'

French place... French place... By the memorial, yeah, I know the one. It is a bit posh. What was I doing out there? I don't remember any weird rift stuff happening there. Probably just picking up groceries, but then why make such a big deal about being seen?


'There was you, having dinner with a man.'

Oh. French place, by the memorial. Yeah. All coming back to me, now. Date night with Jack. One of our better ones, and no interruptions for once. No rift to ruin dessert, no weevils to bypass on the drive home. Lots of very nice lovemaking. Okay, stop thinking now. Poker face, Jones.


'Having dinner with a man in a restaurant.'

There's that look. This is what she's been itching to ask about. Susan's seen you and Jack having dinner and now I want his name, rank and serial number. Harkness, Jack, Captain, United States Air Force officer number 5723957. Anything else? Time to put the bloodhounds off the scent.

'So? You have dinner with Tina.'

Okay, admittedly that wasn't quite the definitive comeback I had in mind. "None of your bloody business" would have been worse.

'Not in town.'

Oh no, not in town. Not where someone whose business it isn't might see us. This is why we always call for take out. Fish and chips, curry, pizza. Just once we thought it might be nice to treat ourselves. Should've known the only three people in Cardiff I know might see us.

'Susan said he was gorgeous. Like a film star. Like an escort.'

Don't smirk. Whatever you do. Do. Not. Smirk. Dead puppies, dead puppies, dead puppies.

You'd love that, wouldn't you Jack? My sister's friend caught us out at dinner and now she thinks I'm dating a film star, or that I've gotten so desperate, I need to call out for a pretty face and a good shag. Don't even think of starting to charge me by the hour. Okay, time to put an end to this. I'm not gay, and I'm not paying for sex.

'He's my boss.'

That's right. Gods own truth. Just a meal with the boss, talking about work. Absolutely no dating or sex, whatsoever.

'She said it was intimate.'

Of course she did. Which bit did she see? The hand-holding across the table or when Jack decided he wanted to be spoon fed my chocolate mousse?

'I said, "well, he's had girlfriends," and she said, "well, no girl was getting her feet round that table. No chance." Have you gone bender?'

Oh, for heaven's sake. Where's the rift when you want a black hole to come and suck you out of existence?

'Mica's hearing this!'

'She's not bothered. Her friend Sian's got two mothers.'

Great. That's supposed to make me feel better?

'Go on.'

God, how am I supposed to explain Jack? He'd just so... I love him. I can't tell him that but it's true. I know things are a little rocky right now, but it'll work out. Stupid thing to have said this morning, really, getting all excited that some complete stranger thought we were a couple. Not so exciting now, is it?

'You never tell me anything these days. Dad died, that was it. You were off. You couldn't wait. Like I did something wrong. I didn't, did I?'

What the hell am I supposed to tell you? Hey sis, I work for a secret organisation that catches aliens. My boyfriend is an immortal human from another part of the universe three thousand years into the future. Yeah, because that doesn't sound crazy at all. Oh, and I love him. I think I want to spend the rest of my life with him, is that too much?

'Come on.'

Nope. Not saying it. Oh God, please don't look at me like that, Rhi. You know I hate it when you do that. Stupid puppy dog eyes. You're as bad as Jack.

'It's not that. It's my job.'

Bollocks. This really hasn't gone the way I planned it. I need the kids Rhi. Something's happening and we need to fix it, but I need them to help us figure it out. She'd knows I'm lying, but what does she think I'm lying about? The kids or Jack? Either way, somehow, some way she always finds out. What the hell will she think of me? I mean, I think she'd be okay with it, the dating another man part. It's not gay, is it? I mean, I don't think it is. I've never fancied any other blokes. He's just so... Doesn't matter. Rhi will be okay if she thinks I'm gay, won't she? What did she call it, going bender? Bloody hell. Well I'd have to be wouldn't I, working for Torchwood. Completely, utterly mental.

'It's difficult, it's,'

Disembling, is what it is. Face it, you don't want her to know because you're too scared to admit it to yourself. This is all a bit new. Crap. You've been with Jack for ages. No wonder he got all pissed off with you earlier. You're going to have to give him a better reason to stick around than just, "it's all a bit new to me". Tell him you told your sister.

Oh, fuck it. Here goes nothing.

'He is very handsome.'
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*hugs Ianto* Rhi really put him on the spot, and right when he had other, more urgent things on his mind, what with children chanting. I wish events hadn't gone the way they did and Ianto could've introduced Jack to his sister properly. =(
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Me neither. she did her best for her little brother.
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Yeeeeesssss. Drag it out of him, Rhi!

Children of Earth hurts me deeply and personally.

But that date sounds really cure, and I love how it's dialogue-only. Great choice!
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I really like the way you fleshed out this scene.