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[ADMIN] Banners


Our banners are provided by lovely volunteers who have offered to make banners for the winners of each challenge! If you are interested in volunteering for a bannermaker position, leave a comment here. Our current roster of volunteers are:

Stylistically, the design is up to each maker! However, each banner should:
  • Be no more than 400px x 200px maximum
  • Include the community name "fandomweekly"
  • Include the challenge number (ex: "#007") and (optionally) the theme itself
  • Include the winner's username (from the winner's post)
  • Include the place they won (first/1st/second/2nd/etc)
  • Be posted with the banners tag and the correct challenge tag from the tags list
       EX: #banners, 007 - traveling
And should be posted at any point in the week following the voting announcement.


- Banners temporarily discontinued due to lack of volunteers -