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Please note that we'll will be extending Challenge #46 through until NEXT Monday, October 23rd, not this coming Monday, to give everyone a chance to reset to the usual schedule. Following that, we will be returning to the regular weekly format. Our next Amnesty period will be following Challenge #50 and run for its normal two weeks.

Thank you!
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Thank you everyone for your patience, FW will be resuming posting this week!


May. 3rd, 2017 11:42 pm
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Based on the feedback from this discussion post, the majority preference seems to be with voting reminders, so I'm looking for someone to take on the responsibility of posting a voting reminder on Tuesday evenings.

I will also be revamping the wording in the FAQ regarding being able to vote for fics while being canon unfamiliar, and to clarify with examples the yes/no's of showing entries before the voting closes.

Secondly, as we didn't get any additional offers for full-time bannermakers, we will be discontinuing banners for the time being, but will open them again once people's schedules (including my own) lighten enough to generate more volunteers.

Challenge 40 will be posted shortly!
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While the comm is on mini-hiatus, we might as well use the time to seek out new life and new civi-- wait, that's not right. Where were we?

ACTUALLY, the community is looking for some additional bannermaker volunteers. No super fancy graphics talent required, it's just a really nice thing to be able to offer and people seem to like them :P

I'm hopeful that we have enough active members right now where we can get back up to 5-6 bannermakers in total (we are down to three), so that everyone would only have to make a set every month to month and a half... nice and easy, right?

If you're willing to help out, please drop me a note on this post here, or give a comment at this link, and it's very much appreciated. Thank you!
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Hello writers, I hope you're having a good April so far!

This is a quick announcement to let you all know that I'm putting a comm on a tiny two-week pause for a couple of reasons.

One, I'm in exams next week. Boo.

Two, although we've got a steady contingent of regular contributors, and we're getting new participants on a lot of challenges (YAY!), our voting turnout is... well, it needs some work. In a lot of weeks since the second amnesty round, we've been getting 10+ entries, but only 2-3 voters.

The voting aspect is an important part of how a challenge community functions; not just in regards to the actual points count and the finalists, but because it fosters the (friendly) competitive atmosphere that comms like this one operate on.

Obviously I don't want to make voting mandatory if you've submitted an entry, and I don't want people to throw in random votes just for the hell of it, so I'm opening the floor to suggestions on how we can get participation in this aspect of the community up to healthier levels.


EDIT: Blanket disclaimer, when I'm replying to everyone's posts, I'm not shooting ideas down, I'm just bringing up points for expanding on for discussion :)

EDIT x2: Links and codes for advertising the comm in your journals can be found here!


Challenges will resume on Wednesday, May 3rd on the regular schedule! I'm hoping two weeks will be enough to get some discussion going about this so we can implement any changes we may need.
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Hello writers! I hope 2017 brings you many happy things and good feelings, moreso than 2016 kind of a low bar, I admit, but let's go with it.


Weekly challenges will be resuming this Wednesday, January 4th with Challenge #27, and I'm going to have ~5 challenges written up ahead of time so I don't get so behind. (Also health things are like 75% conquered, so that will help too.)

To kick off the new year, I'm looking for a new group of BANNERMAKERS. If you were on the list previously, you'll need to re-volunteer, because I didn't want to assume and also because people's interests change. The frequency of how often you'll need to make them will depend on how many volunteers we get; if we get 5, you'll do one batch of three banners every 5 weeks, etc, so it's fairly low commitment.

And of course, the community restart is a perfect time to suggest some fresh THEMES AND BONUS GOALS for upcoming rounds, and having these suggestions is a big help for me ♥

I have a metric tonne of memories to catalogue since I, oops, kind of stopped doing that a while back. That's going to be somewhat of an ongoing process, please bear with me as I work my way through that backlog. If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop me a line here or on the mod contact page.

Looking forward to seeing this comm bursting with writing once again!

- Li
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Hi all, sorry for dropping off the earth again. I'm having some health issues, and I'm going to be going in for a few surgeries in the near future, so I'm holding off putting up any new challenges because I won't be around to actually post/follow up with them.

I should know more by the first of the month, including the scheduled dates, so I'll amend this post at that point.

Until then, I'm cool if you guys want to treat this like an extended Amnesty Week and post stuff in that format, at least until I have something more firm for making plans.

- Li
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So I should have posted this before I left, but I was away to a wedding the last 6 days, and so obviously things were not getting posted on time because wedding timelines eat people. So we're going to run the Amnesia challenge until Oct 10th, and remember you can submit up to 2 entries for each challenge!

Thanks all,
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(If you also follow us on Plurk @ [plurk.com profile] fandomweekly apologies that you'll be seeing this notice twice!)

Hello writers! Due to some real life things, and a vacation in which I'm not going to have any internet access for a bit, the community is taking its own mini vacation for the next 2 weeks.

I'll be leaving the Amnesty Week Month?? running during this, so enjoy a bit of writing downtime and we'll be back to normal midmonth.

Challenges will resume Wednesday, August 17th.

Thank you for understanding!
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Hello writers! Just a quick note, I'm going to extend Amnesty #002 for another week, and going forward, I think the Amnesty Weeks should probably be 2-week stretches anyway, just because the number of available prompts to get caught up on will continue to grow.

Therefore, challenges will resume July 27th. Happy writing!
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Hello everyone!

Just a note that we'll be extending Challenge #015 - Patriotism for another week, to run through until Monday, June 6th at the usual ending time, 9PM EST. Remember that you can submit up to TWO entries per challenge.

Happy writing!
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Hello everyone, sorry for my absence in getting up the voting. Due to some (good news!) real life things that are happening for me this week, plus the busy schedules everyone's having, I'm going to extend Challenge #013 - Superstition for another week, to run through until Monday, May 16th at the usual ending time, 9PM EST. I apologize that this is so last minute, especially to those who did get their entries in before the original deadline.

(On the other hand, this now carries the challenge through Friday the 13th, so that's kind of ironic and cool?)

Thanks everyone for understanding, and happy writing!
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Hello writers!

Based on lots of very helpful feedback on THIS POST, the overwhelming preference of people who responded is to shift the challenge week so that it covers a weekend, to allow for more writing time. So we're going to move to a midweek schedule, and try that out for a time.

Right now, the timing of things starts with the Challenge Post on Sunday, closing on Friday when the Voting Post goes up, and Voting through the weekend until Sunday when the results and the new challenge goes up.

The new schedule will be as follows:

Challenge post goes up on Wednesday @ ~9PM EST, with entries to be submitted until Monday night when Voting is posted, then voting through Tuesday-Wednesday until the results and new challenge go up Wednesday evening.

To facilitate this changeover, our first Amnesty Week will run a few extra days, to carry us through until Wed, April 20th, when the new schedule can takeover smoothly.

As always, your feedback is welcomed on this post, or on the Mod Contact page.

Thanks everyone!
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Just a quick request if I could, I notice some people submit their entries with the titles in the subject line and Title section all in lower case. I know it's a stylistic thing that online has adopted, but it takes me a bit longer to convert it over to title case so the Voting post and Memories are uniform, so if it's just something you can keep in mind, I'd appreciate it!


Also, I might as well double-up on post purpose, please consider this a catch-all for feedback on the community so far! We're 8 challenges in, we've had a variety of themes (some hard, some easy), and we've had big round and small rounds. So any thoughts from members would be great!


ALSO ALSO, we will be having our first Amnesty Week coming up after Challenge #010, so it will fall on the week of April 10-16. You'll be able to submit any fic from the previous 10 challenges, so don't throw away any partially finished ones, and stockpile story ideas that you had but didn't find time to write :)

There is no voting relating to Amnesty Week entries, and it runs the full 7 days Sunday to Sunday, 9PM EST when regular challenges will resume. Please keep in mind that any story submitted for Amnesty Week still needs to follow the fic guidelines (1000 words or less, etc).

And we'll have an Amnesty Week after every 10 challenges, so you'll see another one after Challenge #020.
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Good morning, writers! I had an excellent suggestion to set up an AO3 community for anyone who wants to submit their works to a central place, so here we are:


I've also added the link to the profile as well, for convenience. Remember that only works from completed challenges can be posted, so anything from Challenge #001 is good to go, but nothing yet from Challenge #002.

I think (if I've set it up correctly!) that it should have open posting membership, but if I've buggered something up along the way, let me know.
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Hello everyone! We've had some interest in the idea of making banner graphics for the weekly winners, which is very in keeping with how prompt challenges used to be, plus it's fun to show them off :)

Ideally, I'd like 4-5 volunteers "on staff" for that, and it would work on a rotating schedule, so that each volunteer would be responsible for making 3 banners approximately once a month, and would know well in advance when their turn is coming up. (And if you end up with a week where you can't do it for whatever reason, you'd just let me know, no problem.)

So if you're interested in volunteering to make banners, please comment to this post. Thanks!


Here will be our bannermakers:

[personal profile] badass_tiger
[personal profile] driftsintobuffetline
[personal profile] endeni
[personal profile] isleofapples
[personal profile] novel_machinist
[personal profile] x_disturbed_x

And so we've added a Banners post with all the guidelines and the makers' schedule.
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Our first challenge will be going live on Monday, February 1st! In the meantime, check out our Guidelines post, or start thinking about themes to suggest if you're already feeling creative.

Don't forget to follow us on Plurk at [plurk.com profile] FandomWeekly for challenge announcements and reminders.

See you all on Monday!
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